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A breast cancer survivor making empowering gifts for cancer patients

A breast cancer survivor making empowering gifts for cancer patients.

Hello! I’m Dawn, and Wonky Warriors was conceived in a busy online chat room whilst waiting for one of my breast cancer treatments. We were ‘chatting’ and laughing about being newly lopsided or flat chested with typical British stoicism and humour. But of course all of us beautiful strong lumpy bumpy ladies knew deep down that we would eventually need to find a new 'normal' and somehow embrace the changes that we were going through.

♡ strong ♡ delicate ♡ beautiful ♡ wonky ♡

You can laugh about not needing to buy a bra anymore, or not having to hold your chest whilst running for the bus, liking the idea of newer perkier boobs, or deciding on the coolest tattoos to cover scarring. Ultimately though, rebuilding self esteem can be a real struggle once you have lost some of, one, or both of your breasts.

My personal choice for post lumpectomy life was to leave it 'au naturale', no prosthesis, no nipple reconstruction, no tattoo. Also – I stopped wearing a bra as it was just so frickin uncomfortable. That left me with style choices to make to disguise and camouflage my new wonkiness.

You are allowed to sulk when you have or have had cancer.

Her face says it all

It didn’t start well, I have to tell you. At the time, I loved a boat neck top and long statement necklace, but those days were over. Have you seen the film Thoroughly Modern Millie? If not, you should, it’s most excellent. Millie is the one on the right and models my personal dilemma and opinion of the situation very well. Her face says it all...

I have to say... I did sulk a bit. I loved my long necklaces. I was diagnosed in 2018 at 42 years old, so I knew myself pretty well. I was at a stage in my life where I was happy with who I was and what I looked like barring wanting a couple of centimetres off my backside. My diagnosis had left me feeling a little lost in my own skin. Sound familiar?

Asymmetric jewellery in honour of women with breast cancer

Asymmetry and empowerment

Then I discovered asymmetry. And it was perfect. It just ‘fit’. It fit my ‘new me’ and it worked like magic. Try it! Pop on an asymmetric print top and look in the mirror. If you’re wonky, I bet you can hardly tell. I am not ashamed by my wonkiness, but it’s nice not to have people keep glancing at my chest wondering what’s going on.

Next I made an asymmetric necklace to match one of my new tops. Then another. And then another. And I eventually realised – I wasn’t just making it to match my outfit, I was making to match me. But I’m not the only wonky lady out there. So now I’m making it for you too.

Each jewellery collection will tell its own story and is a symbol of empowerment, recognition and acceptance of these events that have changed our lives. Everyone’s path may be different but each one holds the same fundamental truth. You are still you. Just a little bit different.

Cancer planner, cancer journal, cancer organiser

It's not just about the jewellery

I also have a cancer planner available to buy. It is basically the planner I wish I’d had when I was going through my cancer diagnosis and treatment. With spaces to organise yourself, freak out, laugh (because I promise you will), and a few puzzles. All three options are available, phyical, print at home and digital for your tablet/iPad.

If you suffer from scanxiety - I also have some thumb stones / worry beads that personally find realy help to cal my nerves. Each one comes with a little pamphlet about their history, the science and how to use them. Even if you don't want to buy one I highly recommend a pebble or some other stone you can stick in your pocket and use whenever needed.

Shop happy

You can also shop happy in the knowledge that 20% of all profits will go to a cancer charity.

Welcome to Wonkies

Whether you are flat chested, asymmetric, or reconstructed. Whether you have had cancer or fought alongside a loved one. Whether you are one of the amazing nurses and doctors who fight cancer daily. We are all Wonky Warriors.

I hope you are well. I hope you are coming to terms with your 'new normal', whatever that may be. Love and virtual hugs to you all.

Thanks for reading, and if you want to meet the team, please have a look at my little video.