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Blue Goldstone thumb stone & pamphlet


Tigers Eye thumb stone & pamphlet


Opalite thumb stone & pamphlet


Scarab Beetle Bracelet in Blank Onyx and Peach Moonstone


Scarab Beetle Bracelet in Amethyst and Citrine


Scarab Beetle Bracelet in Turquoise and Golden Rutile Quartz


Kintsugi inspired collection in multiple colour. Available as a keyring, pendant or necklace. A celebration of your resilience

Shamelessly in my own brand colours. These keyrings, pendants and neckalces are a Wonky Warriors badge of honour.

Kintsugi inspired keyring, pendant or necklace in shade of purple. Strength and beauty in imperfection.

Kintsugi inspired collection in aqua blue shades. Keyring, pendant or necklace available. Embrace your scars.

Tiny finger with a BIG message (Charm to add to any bracelet))


Custom Morse Code Bracelet. Celebrate your journey your way.

PHYSICAL Undated Cancer Planner for during Diagnosis and Treatment


PRINTABLE Undated Cancer Planner for Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment


Enamel keyring, inspired by kintsugi


DIGITAL Undated Cancer Planner for Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment

PHYSICAL Undated Cancer Planner for during Diagnosis and Treatment
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• Monthly overview and notes (undated)
• Weekly planner with mood & physical tracker (undated)
• Pages for diagnosis, appointments and treatments
• Simple exercises to help with stress
• Places to record your experiences
• Puzzles & colouring pages
• Some quotes to help along the way

This is a physical planner/diary.

When I had cancer, I bumbled my way through it all. Using my normal diary with scribbled out plans - and mobile to keep me distracted in waiting rooms until my battery ran out on my phone and in my soul. My brave and smiley mask was always firmly in place, but everything felt so heavy and confusing.

I believe now that if I had ditched my depressing diary with all those cancelled plans and started fresh, had somewhere to capture my feelings, to stay organised during the chaos, to document an important event in my life, a place with inspiration, distraction and humour to turn to, a place to BE, to feel understood, I might have not had such a hard crash once it was all over. It seems a lot to ask from a planner, but it's what I have attempted to do here.

This is the planner I wish I’d had, and I have made to help prevent you from going through what I went through, or at least ease it a little bit and bring some calm and smiles during the storm. I hope you like it.

Big virtual hazmat hug from me to you.

Make yourself the priority and be patient with yourself. Cancer is the club we never wanted to be members of. But now we're here, we need to stick together, so 20% of the profits go to a cancer charity. If you have a preference, please message on Facebook or Instagram (@wonkywarriors) or email 😘

Dawn x